Warrior and Princess

Our Mission


Warrior and Princess exists to help all daughter's of the King become overcomers in life as they walk through battles and stand in the presence of their King.  We use the Bible as our authority to teach, speak, and write. It is our hope that being transparent and real in what we share will bring you hope, help, and encouragement.

We are called Warriors because everyone in life faces battles. At times we get caught in the middle of one or we are called to fight in one. In the midst of the battle rest assured you are called a warrior and victorious according to God Almighty.  You are dressed in the armor of God. (Ephesians 6:10-18)

We are called Princess' because beloved we are daughter's of the King, and a Royal priesthood. You are adorned as the bride of Christ and called to prepare for the day you meet your King and husband face to face.  

(1 peter 2:9-10)